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About Me?
I truly wish I knew. At most, I know I love too hard. I cry at the oddest of times; even when I should be laughing. And laugh when actually, I should at times be crying. I find beauty in imperfect perfection. In humans without any mask. Without hiding. I find solace in places others fear to go.

About Me?
I at times scare those who don’t know me, and well, scare some that do! I’m compassionate to a fault. I am an old soul. I am a nurturer. A goof. A lover. A friend. A geek. An introvert. A survivor. Of many pains. Of many loves and of many health battles, of some still worth fighting.

About Me?
I’m scared. I am so lonely at times. I don’t like who I see looking back at me in the mirror at night, for she is kind and alone. That person is not me.

About me? Photographer. Witch. Vodou. Lust. Sex. Touch. Kissing. Embrace.  MORE…

“I am; ravaged, but spirited. Damaged, but still deserving.”
Segovia Amil

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