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These last few years for me have been terrifying, electrifying, and downright breathtaking. The desires of another the envy of others and my strongest of weaknesses, thy evil of seven sins … lust. For which at times, soo consumed has passionately darkened me.

My health is the reason for the questioning of retirement.

Our brain is such a beautiful curse at times. How it can guide us in ways as only evil doings could. Its power goes unknown and taken for granted till needed for the simplest or perhaps simplistic? Of functions.

Inoperable Aneurysm.

Cancer? Again??

I’ve decided, for now, I don’t wanna know. Recently, I saw a preview for a movie named  THE FAREWELL, and I really liked the idea and concept behind it.  let my life be. For knowing is preparing for the end, and I’m nowhere near completion.

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